See what our great clients have to say about us

  • Bob and Paula

    Throughout the entire process, both Mark and Matthew were completely patient and accommodating to our changing of tile design, faucet, fixture choices and even a one week delay in the delivery of the newly chosen floor tile. Despite all the changes and delays, M&M was still able to complete the project on time and with a minimum disruption to our regular routine!

    They started with a complete demolition of the existing floor tile, walls, fixtures and took the bathroom “down to the bare studs” while repairing all existing, newly-exposed issues. Then they replaced everything with top quality materials and the latest in building products. This ensured that we were able to, with M&M’s assistance, create our perfect bathroom which included; heated ceramic floors, a customized walk-in shower, unique tiles, lighting and vanity.

    M&M were completely knowledgeable about all of the quality materials, including the imported facet and light fixtures. Every aspect of the renovation was done professionally and perfectly!

    I was amazed everyday how much was accomplished as the bathroom was transformed within a few short weeks.

    We likely would have held off for a while on the renovation but when we heard that M&M could schedule us in, we jumped at the chance to get our dream bathroom transformed.

    As a result of this excellent experience, we have scheduled M&M to renovate our second bathroom, as we are aware that our neighbours and friends are trying to line them up for projects as well.

    This renovation totally exceed our expectations, for quality, timeline, professionalism, craftsmanship and budget!

  • Josh and Kaitlin

    Working with Mark and Matthew at M+M Contracting was a great experience. I have worked with a number of contractors in the past with varying levels of satisfaction, I’m happy now to say I have found my contractor. The biggest three factors I found in working with Mark and Matt was the Professionalism, Knowledge, and Speed. Most contractors can manage 1 or two of these items but Mark and Matt manage to really nail all three.

    When it comes to professionalism, they are always on time and ready to work. I could trust them in my house without oversight. I could trust them to make good judgement calls when needed and to call me when more direction was needed.

    When it comes to knowledge, they have it. Typically I would tell them what I wanted and they would almost always show me new ways to solve problems I had never considered. Many times faster more cost effective solutions. They are a wealth of experience.

    When it comes to Speed, they work hard and have worked long hours to meet deadlines. They just move quickly, I feel like the work they get done in a day is the amount of work some of my past contractors only manage to do in a day and a half.

    I am excited to work with them again and would recommend them to anyone!

  • Sandy

    We recently had our en suite bathroom redone and selected M+M Contracting to do the job.

    Mark and Matt were fantastic, particularly in the area of consultation over fixtures, colours and options that we had never thought of when we started the project.

    The construction was contained in just one room and the after construction clean up was great.

    I would highly recommend M+M Contracting who completed our job on time and on budget.